More on German Lagers

I’m excited about the topic of lager beers, always have been. I’ve spent my whole career learning about and always trying to brew great lager beers. Lagers take longer to make – they’re more delicate and nuanced making them both expensive (extra aging tank time), and more challenging to brew as there are no over the top flavors to cover up flaws. This past winter during the slower months in the brewery, we set out get some lagers in the queue. I say with pride that we have four (4!) German style lagers on tap right now, at the same time, in the Beer Hall.
No. 65 Munich Lager. I wrote about this one when we first put it on last month. This is a seldom brewed “Export Helles” often found in Munich, Germany with slightly more assertive malt notes and clean finish but sporting a bit more alcohol than Helles.
No. 9341 Bamberg Lager. A hybrid Vienna Lager type beer with the slightest hint of smoke.
No. 85 Mexican Lager. (A style that comes from German breweries that emigrated to Mexico.) A light lager with slight fruit notes and some drying flavors from a percentage of corn with a citrus finish.
No. 11 Pilsener. A traditional crisp and hoppy Bavarian style lager. 
Stop down for a rare treat of multiple lagers on tap. They are fun to drink and also to compare and contrast.