Kristallweizen or “crystal wheat” is a variation on the traditional German Hefeweizen style. Classic fizzy yellow beer with a smooth “wheaty” mouthfeel along with the traditional banana / clove esters and phenols, but without the haze.


Redwood Pale is a tribute to the beauty of Northern California’s coastal region in a glass. This northwest coast style red pale ale pours with a captivating reddish-copper hue with a beautiful white foam that beckons you in. Aromas of…


This light, crisp, and refreshing ale is the perfect gameday brew to cheer on our brand new Arena League team, The Duluth Harbor Monsters! Raise a glass to our team and our city with this specially designed brew that is…


This a light beer and an easy drinker and it’s brewed to support hockey in Duluth! Lemondrop hops provide citrus, mint and melon notes throughout, and the pilsner malt adds a light crisp body that finishes dry. The caramel malt…


Our Brut IPA. A very unique brew, with adjuncts like corn and rice. We fermented this beer bone dry for a light and super crisp finish. With an effervescence, fruit forward, tropical smelling, and refreshing taste. Enjoy!


A unique take on a traditional German style. Aromatics of beech wood & smoky phenolics dance with fruity esters offered from the top-fermenting yeast. Flavors of banana and clove give way to a more smoke driven finish.


The 22nd edition of this Birthday Pale Ale. This beer is made once a year on Finn’s birthday (Dave’s son). This is a very hoppy pale ale. Not bitter, but lots of hop aroma and hop flavor. Light in color…


This very light easy drinking beer was aged on chilies for a time imparting a soft nose of garden peppers, the beer is uniquely delicious with moderate heat and a clean finish.


This line will host infusions featuring Duluth Coffee Company’s Columbian Huila cold press coffee.


A true cream ale is a blend of an ale and a lager in equal parts. This golden, almost white in color beer is like a much more simple blonde ale with a cleaner crisper flavor profile.


Medium bodied with a creamy texture this one pours a rich brown color, with a creamy light tan head. Aromas of dark chocolate, toasted bread are prominent. Moderate roast character & medium hop bitterness contribute to an impression of bitter…


Our tribute to the great pilseners of Germany. We used German malts, and it’s cold lagered in our cellars for maturation. This Bavarian Pils is clean, slightly hoppy and has a snappy finish. German lagers are amongst the most challenging…


Crisp and fruity, this American Wheat Beer has been infused with raspberry purée. It pours a rich red hue, with a lacy white head. Sweet fruit aromas dominate and are carried through prominently in the flavor. This slightly tart thirst…


Hoops Hell Ale is a German style light ale. Hell, simply means light, bright or pale in German. Bright golden in color, it offers a clean, crisper flavor profile. Light Pilsner malt flavors and subtle hop notes create perfect balance…


For the fruit beer lovers among us, this crisp and fruity American-style wheat is infused with peach and pear purée. It pours a rich golden hue, with a lacy white head. Sweet fruit aromas dominate and carry through prominently in…


Large in body and beautiful pitch black in the glass, Hoops’ stout is brewed with 10% oatmeal to increase mouthfeel and a rich velvet body. Notes of dark chocolate and coffee are balanced by classic pacific northwestern hops.


This Northern England style brown ale has a clean dry finish. Sweet malt flavors with a very balanced neutral body and flavor. Round bready notes, slightly sweet with a pleasant mouthfeel and a distinctly fruity and satisfying finish.


A German style wheat ale. Notes of wheat, banana, and clove. Unfiltered and hazy. A clean and refreshing light golden wheat beer with a tart dry finish.


Our commanding, Hoops-centric pale ale. Full bodied with a dry and clean finish. Notes of orange and tropical fruit in the aroma. Assertive hop character without excessive bitterness.


Clean and fruity finishing, this Hoops-centric strong pale ale features huge fruit ester notes. Amarillo hops plus actual grapefruit zest provide a wonderfully pleasant aroma. Featuring wheat as the base note in this pale ale makes for slight pepper notes…


This Hoops-centric strong IPA features huge fruit ester notes from the yeast and aggressive hopping. Quaffable and thirst quenching – a true hop lovers delight.

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